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Stress Buster

Do you suffer from stress?

Would you like not to?

Now you can get rid of stress without

  • quitting your job
  • leaving your spouse
  • killing your neighbour/your neighbour’s pet
  • putting your kids up for adoption?

Stress Buster is a revolutionary new way of changing the way you respond to stress, permanently. There will always be stresses in your life, but if you complete the Stress Buster programme your experience of stress can be transformed in a matter of days from emotional reaction to calm response.

From Reaction to Response

There is a difference between stress (which is all around us) and our stress reaction, and though we can’t control what stresses come our way, we can – with the right tools – control how they effect us.  In essence, we can move from reaction to response.

Have you noticed that people cope differently with potentially stressful situations? There are those who stay calm in traffic, who respond to criticism without getting defensive, and who handle life’s problems with humour.  These individuals have emotional resilience.  You can have this too.

Reprogram Your Subconscious

Until now, there have been no easy solutions to feeling stressed. You could spend hours off-loading to friends and get unwanted advice.  You could spend your hard-earned cash talking to a counsellor every week, trying to learn coping strategies.  But chances are, if you’re stressed, you’ll still get tipped over the edge when pressure is added.

Stress Buster offers an entirely new way of dealing with a stressful life: reprogramming your subconscious to feel less stressed.

If there’s a behaviour you have little or no control over, you can be sure your subconscious is in charge of it.  Fromcomfort eating to flipping out when your kids start fighting, the root of that ‘automated’ reaction is a program running in the background of your mind, beyond your conscious control.  This could be ‘feel unloved – eat cake’or it could be ‘feel powerless – throw a tantrum’, but it was almost certainly laid down in childhood. These ‘automated’ reactions are very hard to control, especially when your resources are low.

Imagine if you could ‘uninstall’ these programs which have been running in your subconscious since childhood, andinstall a response which is more useful for your adult life. Imagine how differently you could respond to stressful situations.  Do you want to find out what that feels like?

How to Be Calmer, Automatically

Thanks to recent developments in the field of energy psychology, changing your stress response is easier than you might think. But until now, the only effective way to reprogram your subconscious has been to work with a licensed energy psychology therapist over a number of sessions.

We at Reboot Me have taken ‘easy’ to another level, turning the most powerful energy psychology technique currently available into a DIY package that you can do on your own at home.   Download our Stress Buster programme, listen to a short audio track (30 minutes) every day for 2 weeks, follow the instructions… and enjoy a permanent improvement in the way life’s problems affect you.  In just 2 weeks, you can move out of overwhelm, and into calm.

How Much Does Stress Buster Cost?

How much would you pay for the gift of being able to cope with everything life throws at you?

Don’t worry, we don’t charge that much!

Stress Buster‘s 14 audios are equivalent to 7 hours with a top therapist, which at £60 per session would cost £420.

But that’s a stress-inducing figure.

So we priced Stress Buster‘s permanent solution to stress at the level of most people’s temporary fixes: a night out, a new dress, or a new gadget.

For just £47, you get 7 hours of expert guidance, leading you through an empowering process that ‘uninstalls’ the root causes of your stress reaction. Permanently.

Because Stress Buster comes only in digital format, you can have instant access. Unlike a session with a therapist, the audios and e-book are yours to keep, and you can re-listen any time.  But once the foundations of your stress reaction are uninstalled, you won’t have to do it again.

Try it at no risk

Join our mailing list to get one Stress Buster track completely free!  And if you decide to buy the full Stress Buster package, it comes with an automatic 45-day Money Back Guarantee.

What have you got to lose?

Only your stress.