November 25, 2015

Develop Emotional Resilience

emotionalEmotional? Stressed? Having regular meltdowns?  Constantly on the edge of tears? Shouting at people you love? Losing it at work? Would emotional resilience help?

A lot of us are feeling the pressure: working long hours, struggling to make ends meet, perhaps while we are also trying to look after kids or care for sick or elderly family members.  People doing difficult and essential jobs like nursing and teaching are finding the pressures on them increasing from every quarter. Global economic problems are causing some people – already stretched to the limit – to be pushed over the edge. Many people are experiencing less job security and longer working weeks even as their incomes are threatened.

We know we need to be strong for ourselves and our families, but many are feeling they just can’t take any more. If you feel like this, you are not alone.

Would you like to feel rock solid? Mentally resilient? Emotionally stable? Read on.

Emotional Resilience

Contrary to all those ‘how to beat stress’ tips you’ll find across the internet, a real stress-buster is not a squeezable ball, or a walk in a park, or counting to ten.  A real stress-buster is something that gives you emotional resilience, leaving you fundamentally calmer so that you can handle all the pressures life sends your way.

Want to Know How?

Stress management experts have identified 14 core beliefs that make a person prone to stress.  Until recently, it was very difficult for a person to change their core beliefs.  Core beliefs have their foundations in childhood trauma. It might take many sessions with a psychotherapist or counsellor to even change one belief by working through the underlying traumas, with no guarantees changing the belief was actually possible.

But new developments have changed all that.

Check out the PSTEC belief eraser – a downloadable audio track developed by one of the UK’s top hypnotherapists, Tim Phizackerly.  Try the basic PSTEC audio tracks for free here.  And, if you want to know how you can use PSTEC to make your life hugely better in just ten minutes a day, download this free e-book.

You don’t need to spend months of your life, and your hard-earned cash, seeing a therapist.   Just use the ultra-fast Belief Eraser hypnotherapy track to change one stress-causing belief per day. You can develop emotional resilience in a fortnight… and change the way you respond to stress, forever.

Now don’t imagine: take action!